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At GinaV, we treat a full range of conditions that require rehabilitation services ranging from common physical challenges like arthritis, chronic pain, and sports injuries to more complex conditions such as spinal cord injuries and stroke.

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Physical Therapy in the Omaha Metro Area Since 2016.

Our Story

We began with vision of creating an atmosphere in which patients come first with an approach that is flexible, functional and, above all else, expediting the rehabilitation process.  Our processes also incorporate measures to assist you in preventing further injuries while enhancing your existing abilities.

This personal approach to recovery is flexible and functional. It not only helps in your current rehabilitation process, but it also enables you to prevent further injuries and enhance your natural abilities.

Progress without Compromise

Our clinic, created and ran by Gina Vanderheiden, DPT, ACT, was built in Papillion, Nebraska so she and her professionals can work in the community in which she lives.  Our location allows us to have a “small town feel” while deploying the latest in proven innovations.

To this end, Gina is also one of the few physical therapists in the metro area that is certified to perform Functional Dry Needling® (FDN); FDN is an innovative new treatment that focuses on certain trigger points in the body that will help relieve acute and chronic pain, and help accelerate an individual’s rehabilitation.

Please contact us today and see if our approach to your rehabilitation is the right choice for you.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

(402) 933-2010

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