Gina V PtNeck pain is a common complaint we receive at Gina V Physical Therapy and can be attributed to a number of conditions. Neck pain can also cause loss of motion that holds you back from doing the things you love to do. The good news is that it is usually caused by joint and muscle problems and typically a serious disease. Gina V Physical Therapy can provide a variety of treatments that can decrease neck pain.

At Gina V, our therapists tailor treatment programs to your specific needs. Treatment may include some of the following types of therapies:

  • Manual therapy to normalize your range of motion
  • Hands-on therapy and (soft tissue mobilization) to work on muscle tone
  • Exercises to help normalize movement and increase strength
  • Mobilization, a hands-on technique to move the neck joints and muscles to calm pain and spasms
  • Manipulation, a single, brief, quick, small movement to specific spots on your body
  • Development of home treatment program

neck pain omahaNeck exercises combined with mobilization, and possibly manipulation, may be the best plan to reduce neck pain soon after it develops. We will suggest the proper exercises and show you exactly how to perform them-a crucial step to ensure that you do not make any injury worse. The ultimate goal is to increase strength and flexibility and help you get back to doing the things you love to do.

Exercise and mobilization can also help ensure that pain and stiffness do not recur in your neck. To that end, we will ask you questions about your posture and ergonomics – how you hold your neck and body while you walk, work, watch television, work on hobbies, and even sleep. We can offer seemingly small recommendations that will make a huge difference in how you feel going forward. Additionally, our therapists may also utilize heat or ice to help you feel better.

Every patient is different when it comes to neck pain and stiffness. Please contact Gina V. Physical Therapy so we can help you get back to doing the things you love to do.



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