Gina V Physical Therapy in Papillion is exceptional for physical therapy in Omaha, Nebraska. Gina Vanderheiden’s clinic helps patients with physical challenges and injuries through a wide range of services.

In this article, we’ll explore how Gina V PT has become synonymous with the highest quality physical therapy in the Omaha area.

Gina V PT: Your Trusted Physical Therapy Partner in Omaha

Physical Therapy Omaha Nebraska

Gina V PT values creating a positive patient experience. She believes that the therapist-patient bond is crucial for successful treatment.

Gina V PT is well-known for its commitment to patient well-being in Omaha and nearby areas. They have earned the trust of the community as a trusted name in physical therapy.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs

At Gina V PT, the focus extends beyond common physical challenges like arthritis, chronic pain, and sports injuries. The clinic’s expertise encompasses a wide array of conditions, including more complex cases such as spinal cord injuries and stroke rehabilitation. This commitment to comprehensive care has solidified Gina V PT’s position as a premier provider of physical therapy in Omaha.

Physical Therapy Clinics Omaha

The Services Offered

Gina V PT offers a diverse range of services to address various conditions and injuries, including:

  1. Orthopedic Disorders
  2. Joint Rehabilitation
  3. Athletic Injuries
  4. Functional Dry Needling
  5. Manual Therapy
  6. Traumatic Conditions
  7. Work Injuries
  8. Aquatic Therapy
  9. Balance Programs
  10. Postural Deviations
  11. Fitness Programs
  12. Work Conditioning
  13. Sports physical therapy Omaha

Gina V PT in Omaha, Nebraska provides a variety of services for physical therapy. We tailor these services to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Physical Therapist Omaha

Meet Gina Vanderheiden, PT, DPT

Gina Vanderheiden, the co-owner of Gina V PT, is the driving force behind this top-notch clinic. Gina has degrees in physical therapy and athletic training. She can help with many medical issues.

These include sports injuries and orthopedic care. Gina and her award-winning physical therapy team are here to help you get back to doing the things you love to do.

Gina’s patients highly recommend her evidence based treatment plans that help them live a higher quality of life that has an extended range of motion and is pain free.

Gina would enjoy the opportunity to develop a specialized physical therapy treatment plan to help you reach your goals.

Physical Therapy West Omaha

One of Gina’s standout credentials is her certification in Functional Dry Needling® (FDN). The new treatment targets specific points in the body to alleviate pain, both in the short-term and long-term. It also aids in the recovery process.

Gina’s commitment to learning and training shows her dedication to giving the best care to her patients.

Best Physical Therapy In Omaha Nebraska

For anyone seeking the best physical therapy in Omaha, Gina V Physical Therapy in Papillion, Nebraska, is the ultimate destination. Gina Vanderheiden is an expert and this clinic is a leader in the field with many treatment programs.

Gina V PT helps you recover from sports injuries and other conditions, so you can achieve your best results quickly. Choose Gina V PT for the exceptional physical therapy Omaha Ne has to offer. Call today to

Call our front desk today and we’ll help you develop a personalized care plan as part of our physical therapy program for you.

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