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Seeking Exceptional Physical Therapy in Omaha?

Welcome to Gina V. PT, your top choice for exceptional physical therapy in the Omaha Metro Area, specifically in Papillion, NE. Our clinic stands out as your partner in achieving better health and enhanced mobility. Since 2016, we have been committed to a patient-first, community-driven approach, making us a leader in pt in Omaha and beyond.

How Gina V. Physical Therapy Can Assist You?

Addressing a Wide Range of Physical Conditions

Whether it’s the stiffness of arthritis, chronic pain, or recuperation from a sports injury, Gina V. PT is equipped with the expertise and resources to assist you. Our Omaha-based team specializes in various rehabilitation services, including care for spinal cord injuries and post-stroke recovery. Our guiding principle is simple yet profound: Patients First. Community First.

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Let’s explore our story and vision, showcasing why we are your best choice for PT in Omaha.

Our Story: Redefining PT 

Founded by Gina Vanderheiden, DPT, ACT, with a Patient-First Focus

Our clinic, spearheaded by Gina Vanderheiden, DPT, ACT, was established with one goal: prioritizing patients. Our approach to care is flexible and functional, tailored to expedite your recovery. Since our inception, our focus has not just been on treating conditions but on preventing them, maximizing your body’s potential, and redefining pt in Omaha.

Progress Without Compromise: A Staple of Our Omaha-Based Clinic

Nestled in the heart of Papillion, a key part of the Omaha Metro Area, our clinic offers a warm, small-town ambiance combined with advanced techniques and treatments. Under Gina’s leadership, our team is committed to the well-being of every patient, embodying our ethos of progress without compromise in physical therapy in Omaha.

Pioneering Techniques like Functional Dry Needling® (FDN)

We take pride in offering Functional Dry Needling® (FDN), an innovative technique especially valuable in the Omaha area. This method effectively addresses acute and chronic pain, enhancing the rehabilitation process. Gina V. is among the few physical therapists in Omaha certified in this groundbreaking technique.

Join Our Healing Community in Omaha

Selecting Your Physical Therapy Partner in Omaha

Choosing the right physical therapist is crucial, and at Gina V. PT in Papillion, part of the Omaha Metro Area, we offer a partnership that goes beyond treatment. Reach out to us today to learn how our unique approach aligns with your rehabilitation journey.

Your journey toward excellent physical therapy in Omaha begins and ends with us. Partner with us for a healthier, more mobile future.


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